All-in-one Event Management System


Manage Rides, Games, and Concession

Using Funcard Mobile your ride, game, and concession operators will scans the customer’s Funcard or wristband.

Gate Admissions

Sell Gate Admission coupons online or at one of our manned or un-manned POS stations.

Funcard Central

Manage and cotrol your entire show using one simple web-based interface.

Manned and Un-Manned POS Stations

Sell Gate Admissions, Funcards and Wristbands using manned or automated POS Stations.


Using mobile hand-held computers your parking attendants can accept cash and credit cards to admit customers into parking lots.

Internet Sales

Using the Funcard Presale Generator you can issue serialized blocks of numbers to your online partners and have them sell your products online.

Time Sensitive Specials

Create admission specials, ride specials, game specials, concession specials, package specials, and ticket specials… just about any kind of special you can imagine.

Seller Management & Reconciliation

Significantly reduce the amount of time managing and reconciling sellers.

Reports and Online Inquiry

Using our online reporting you’ll have accurate and live data at your fingertips.

Integrated Credit Card Processing

No more credit card processing machines… all of our POS stations have integrated credit card processing.

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About us

The Funcard System was first developed in 2000 by Funtastic Traveling Shows located in Portland Oregon. The system has been in use by Funtastic since then and has been further developed over time. The Funcard system is sold exclusively through Amusement Consulting Services, Inc.

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Designed and Developed by Industry Specialists
Loss Prevention
Cash Control
Increased Customer Satisfaction
Increased Revenue
Return on Investment (ROI)

With over 130 years of industry specific knowledge packed into the Funcard system the benefits are huge.  You'll realize increased revenue, improved cash control, increased customer satisfaction, and a fast return on your investment.



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